REC Philly Community Update

First, our platform is, has been and will always be about connection. 

Secondly, we know that in times like these, our ability to create and express ourselves is more important than ever.  

However, our number one priority must remain the health and safety of all of our staff, community members and families.

With that being said, we will be temporarily closing the doors of the REC Room for the next two weeksIn the meantime, we will stay dedicated to our mission of empowering our members with the resources, education and community necessary to do more of what they love.

We encourage each of our creators to use this time to lay low, learn up and strengthen your back office in preparation for a strong relaunch on the other side of this pandemic.

REC Digital is here to support you with this.

REC Digital Membership Benefits

Virtual Programming

Office Hours

Connect with industry experts in a small group setting via Google Hangout to garner advice and solve creative challenges.

Creative Coaching

Sit with the REC Executives for intimate strategy sessions via Google Hangout to help breakdown and breakthrough your goals.

REC Sessions

Educational workshops curated for creative entrepreneurs, by creative entrepreneurs. Twice per month, we bring in industry experts for our members to connect with and learn from livestreamed to Youtube.

Curriculum Deep-Dive

Introduction & Review of each Chapter of REC’s Educational Curriculum: (Un)Common Sense, “Your Strategy Guide To Creative Independence.” Hosted by REC Co-Founder, WIlliam Tyrone Toms by livestream to Youtube.

The REC Members Slack workspace is live! We’ve launched a new Community Chat Forum to keep you connected to the community at large, in niche/customized groups, and 1 on 1. Check your email for your invitation.

Digital Resources

Learn more about some of the resources available to artists and freelance professionals as we begin to…

3 things creators can do to level up while “social distancing”.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Just because the space is closed doesn’t mean that REC is closed. Please take advantage of all the digital resources we have rolled out, including virtual programming, community forums, and our knowledge sharing. Our facility will be open hopefully very soon.

All your credits will be refunded for any cancelled sessions due to this temporary closing.

REC will not be refunding Membership payments, as we will now move to a focus on Digital Resources during this temporary closer.


We will be sending out a formal announcement about April’s schedule by March 27th. If REC’s Facility is still closed in April, we will continue to provide all digital resources & virtual programming to our community. Members can freeze their account if they are not finding value from the digital resources & virtual programming. 

You will not be charged for the next month’s billing cycle. Once your freeze is over, you will resume your active REC Membership.

All active members as of April 1 will receive 2 credit packs (8 credits total) to their account, which can be used at any time. 

To be “active”, your account must not be behind on billing and not frozen.

The plan is to open back up by March 30th, but we will stay aligned with what health experts & city leaders determine is best.

Our system allows for up to 6 weeks in advance for booking. You are currently able to book studio time throughout April. If REC ends up being closed in April, all of your credits will be refunded.