REC Sessions Workshop Series

August 7th, 2018


REC Session – Creating Remarkable Experiences


August 7th, 2018


The REC Room
2301 N 9th Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19133


Yusuf Muhammad is an independent promoter/marketing/talent buyer having worked with Live Nation, AEG Live, Red Bull, Heineken & more.

Creating Remarkable Experiences


Based in Philadelphia, Las Vegas & Atlanta with eight years of experience curating and creating events in multiple markets nationally. Yusuf has worked in programming and stage management for multiple festivals such as Art of Cool, Afropunk, One Music Fest and more.

In Las Vegas, he stepped into the driver seat and booked, managed and co-created JAMFest in 2017 which featured local acts alongside headlining talent.

Outside of the music side of festivals, after being invited to speak at the United Nations in 2014, he now regularly speaks about event coordinating and the “wins, losses & lessons” of show and festival booking at conferences, schools and more all over the US, Canada and most recently Europe.

In fall of 2017 he stepped into the booking agent/road management world working with Diddy’s son & the new face of Bad Boy, Christian “King” Combs and capping it off by putting together Christians first US tour. Yusuf is now focusing on transitioning into more  projects in the creative marketing world, looking to apply and bridge the gap between culture & corporate.

REC Session - Creating Remarkable Experiences
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