(We are on the corner of 9th & Market, above Burlington Coat Factory)


M: 10AM-12AM

T: 10AM-12AM

W: 10AM-12AM

R: 10AM-12AM

F: 10AM-2AM

SA: 10AM-2AM

SU: 11AM-11PM


Glad you asked. You can sign-up at Or you can schedule a tour at & sign-up in person. 

Credits are the main difference. You get more & more credits for each membership level. You also unlock exclusive events with different membership tiers — such as Industry Office Hours (Level Up) & Creative Coaching (All In)

This is an opportunity to sit with a REC Executive in an intimate setting to get all of your creative entrepreneur questions answered

REC is open for all creatives that are over the age of 16, who are ready to take the next step in their creative journey.

Yes, all Members are charged monthly and automatically with the card they put on file from when they first signed up. 

Non-Member Day Passes are available for Non-Members. This gives you access to REC’s facility until 11:59pm on the day you purchased your pass. 

Day Passes get Non-Members access to the coworking space & any available private studios. Day Passes allow Non-Members to attend REC programming that might be happening that night. 

While we recommend taking a tour of REC and speaking with a REC Staff Member before signing up – you can still sign-up for REC online without taking a tour. 

All memberships are for individuals only. We want to empower each individual as their own creative entrepreneur – ensuring they are receiving all of the benefits REC has to offer. 


Our private studios rentals are operated by our credit system. These credits can be used to reserve studio time at a designated credit rate per hour for the respective room. Credits can be used (and additional Credits can be purchased) via REC’s new app.

Yes. Members can purchase “Credit Packs” for $30, which comes with 4 Credits. 

Monthly credits do not carry over. Any credits that are purchased via Credit Packs do carry over. 


See full equipment list here

No. All equipment at REC can only be used at REC’s space. If you are interested in using equipment out of REC’s space, visit our equipment rental partners for discounts on equipment rentals.

It depends on the equipment. Most of the equipment comes complimentary with membership – but some pieces of equipment will cost additional credits.

Using your REC App or visit REC’s Inventory Center to check-out equipment.

Members are eligible to use most equipment at REC. Some of REC’s equipment you must be certified to use. Certifications come from Training Sessions at REC. 

No storage is available at this time

Yes! Pull up on 9th Street and enter through REC’s After Hours door to access the elevator. 


Use REC’s App. Click “Book a Room”. Select your room, date/time, and you’re all set!

Booking a Private Studio does not automatically come with a Specialist (Engineer, Videographer, etc). Members can select “Yes” when asked if you need a Specialist while booking through the app. When selecting “Yes” you will be notified by REC to connect you with another Member who qualifies. 

Members will need to pay the Specialist they are connected to directly. REC is not involved in any Specialist payments. 

Members can also search the Member Directory for Specialists, and send the Member a Direct Message using the App. 


Nope! Coworking is first come, first serve. 

No. Meditation Rooms are first come, first serve. 


Absolutely. The Podcasting Studio is available just like all other Private Rooms. 

Hit the Job & Opportunity Board to browse gigs in your area specifically
curated for your skill set. From paid gigs to collaborative opportunities, browse & post to our community.

Yep! The Live Nation Stage can be booked for bands to practice. 


Yes – as long as scheduling permits.

Private Rooms can be booked at a maximum of 4 Hours per Session.

Private Rooms can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance. 


All members must be 18 years of age or older.

Members own EVERYTHING that they create. All their music, all of their content…everything.


As long as REC is open, and there is not an Event being hosted in the space, Members can use the Workspace as much as they’d like. There is no limit, or credits, for using the Workspace. 

The Workspace provides Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Lounge Furniture, Projector, Community Kitchen (Fridge, Microwave), Filtered Water, and Community Printer

The Workspace becomes unavailable when an event is happening in this space. If the event is happening after Mall hours (after 8pm), REC will convert the Retail Shop into a small Workspace for Members. 


Yes! REC Programming is free for Members (and a +1). 

New member orientation designed to ensure you get the most out of your REC membership. Here you will learn about the program, pitch/perform for our agency team and set goals with a creative coach.

A four hour collaborative session where you’ll connect with community members, explore the studios & leave your comfort zone while executing a creative challenge.

Each season, you’ll get to check back in with a creative coach to measure your progress and set new goals for the upcoming season.

Our program operates on a six month season schedule format. Each season, creators get to work with a creative coach to set goals to be achieved by the end of the season while leveraging REC’s educational, social & collaborative programming + resource base.

Yes, most events are open to non-members. Non-members pay a ticket fee per event (price depends on the event). 


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